July & August are the monsoon season, with non-stop rain. Any extreme weather, such as too much sun, or too much rain, can effect the longevity & beauty of car paint.

Water spots from rain!

Rain or water that dries on your car forms water spots. Keep your car waxed to make cleaning easy & ensure no permanent damage!

Car wax, such as Harris Spray Wax, is a quick and easy way to protect your car from rain.

Having a protective layer of Carnauba Wax & Synthetic Polymers creates a thin, sacrificial layer on top of your clear coat! When it rains, and forms water marks on your car, it will actually be adhering on to a layer of wax.

When you wash your car after rain, it will simply remove water marks & a bit of wax!

Spray Wax Application

Application of Spray Wax – Spray onto Microfiber, and simply apply onto car!

Don’t forget to renew your wax coating with another dose of Harris Spray Wax!