Dow Corning is the global leader in silicone sealants. Dow Corning was one the pioneers of silicone sealants, and offers tried & tested products.

Dow Corning Structural Glazing sealants, including Dow Corning 895 are crucial for fabricating a beautiful facade. A good, all glass curtain-wall requires the highest quality sealant available.

Dow Corning 895 Explained!

Dow Corning 895 Explained!

When constructing a building, sealants costs are very low, but their significance is high. Using a low quality sealant impacts the overall quality of the building, especially for ensuring a proper glass adhesion to the curtain wall.

Nothing is as horrifying as glass falling down from a curtain wall.

Here is a video about Dow Corning Structural Glazing:

Harris Silicones represents Dow Corning construction sealants in Pakistan, and carries a full range of products including Dow Corning 791, 813C, and 895.  For inquiries, please email us or call us! 

Dow Corning 895

Dow Corning 895 Cartridge